KAL_Lightning Bolt Scarf
Finished the 1st part of the Lightning Bolt Scarf last night.  Now am totally lost.  I know how to send pictures attached to an email, but haven't a clue how to get pictures into my journal or anywhere else.  Need Help.
Today is the deadline...
 EDIT:   Finally got a picture uploaded on Ravelry "Projects Page" and without help!  Guess I had one of those 'dense' things going on this morning.  Glad that I am persistant (or is it stubborn?)!

crochet, knit update
   Am not very good at keeping a journal, despite good intentions...  Did manage to get christmas presents done in time for the celebrations.  Finished the last one in time to snap a few pictures and get it wrapped on Dec. 26 just before leaving for our get-together with the children & grandchildren.  Will have pictures when I figure out how to do that. 
   Have been using a laptop since the motherboard went out on the desktop computer .  What a pain!  It does not have the capability to remove pictures from the camera - no camera port!  Found a memory card reader which I hope will take care of that problem. 
    Between being sick and dealing with frozen water pipes  this year, have crocheted a sweater for one dog and gotten started on another for the other one.  Have a hat on my knitting needles.  Do not like the way it is turning out and have decided to send it to the frog pond.  Also have a wash cloth in progress on another set of needles.
   Enough for today.  Will try to update my journal more often.
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Finally got pictures from camera into computer

   Pictures are ready to be sorted, thanks to dd"s help,  Shall be working on getting pictures into proper folders so I can find what I look for.  Then will have to figure out how to get them posted behind LJ cuts to post them into communities.  Now that should be a lot of fun,  Not sure that I will get it all done today, just nice to be able to make a start - a vast improvement for me.  As stated in previous the post this site is under construction so will take awhile before I get the hang of things for journeling, posting pic's etc.  will be done eventually...


   Started working on my 'Journal' this morning to get it up and running.  Have decided that this is gonna take me forever.  The only journeling I've ever done was with a pen in a book labeled Journal (or Diary, when I was a teenager).  Didn't have to decide what I wanted the pages to look like or what I wanted on the pages - just had to write on them!  About the only thing I've managed to figure out are the page style and the moods I wanted to use.  Haven't found a user pic yet.  Having a problem removing the pictures I took from the camera to the computer so can't post FO's either.  Looks like this journal is going to be an ongoing 'construction site' for a while.  Oh well, it will get done eventually.
   This journal will consist primarily of notes about crochet and knit.  May occasionally throw in other things.  Have been making  lots of hats.  Most are going to an almost local cancer center, some as gifts and  a few for me.  Crocheted an edging on a baby blanket for my daughter.  She crocheted the blanket, but couldn't make the edging and asked me if I would do it for her.   Had to fuss with it as she had made errors that could not be fixed without frogging her work, which was the reason she dad not been able to make the edging.  Since she had made it for for her son's first child I was not about to rework it - it needed to be her work.
   My daughter has requested a crocheted  top which I plan to get done by her birthday.  She chose Forsythia by Bendy Carter from the April 2009 issue of Crochet World and Patons Brilliant Yarn in  Radient Red.  It should be pretty.  Will start it as soon as I have finished a hat  on needles (knit) which is nearing completion,  Am anxious to see how it turns out - its looking good so far.

A rippen good time

   Decided to stake my "Tomato Plant" (yes, just one plant which will produce more than enough for my  needs since I'm not overly fond of tomatoes) and spruce up my herb garden.  Need to harvest the garlic chives and the 'Old Fashioned' rosemary .  Got distracted upon seeing seedlings every where in the yard that should not be there.  Started pulling them up.  Had to quit because of the heat and the rest  were out in the sun anyway.
  Do not know what the plant is.  Had one come up in a flower bed 2 years ago and it was so pretty.  Asked DD what it was, but she didn't know either, so decided to let it grow to see what kind of flowers it produced figuring a bird had dropped a seed.  It grew about 4 or 5 inches high, had very thin needle shaped leaves, very soft to the touch, and never flowered.  It did not die over winter so left it there again.  During late summer it started growing and what an astonishing growth!  It was soon about 2 feet taller than me.  DD and I had a job getting it dug out and we ended up putting weed killer on the rest of the roots that refused to budge.  It did die.  Apparently that first year it was so busy groing a deep root system it didn't put any effort in above ground growth.  Have got to get rid of the rest of them.  Want grass growing in the yard - Do not want to live in a forest!
  Last night I was knitting Square (?) #20 for the 'Memorial Afghan' and discovered a mistake several rows down.  Could not leave a glaring error like that so frogged it and reknitted it all plus a little more before heading to bed.  Oh, yes. a rippen good day!



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